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Videos not in orderEdit

hi :-) are all videos Sarah and Veronica - that I managed to download from youtube: Edit GF10 Giorno 44 Part 21 Mauro solo contro tutti Sarah next to Mauro. But, what does this look from Vero mean?

Paste away!

Exhibit A

Day 52 - And a little bump & grind? Here, the next day Bump 1 and Grind 2, and Hump 3 (pics). Kissing in the confessionale in front of Mauro (a day earlier than A above, and could count as public kiss too, buttt its n front of mauro, Veronica also kisses mauro in this confessionale session).

More kisses in front of Mauro - The bullshit with the ring? Mauro never stood a chance.

As for the vids - the GF dailies -Part 1 It would've been at 4:57 but it seems they censored it (maybe they shoed it somewhere else..) Seems like war paint is a thing. And Veronica being constantly molested by Mauro 6:07. Carmela seems to be bitching about her. Part 2 V talks to S at 2:04 So I wasn't able to find it.. yet.

Exhibit B

And THEN I found one, where I thought they were just you know practicing to sleep for later. But then at the end... From 5:10 on The once-over V gives Sarah at 5:19 hoo-a.

So far, I think this is the earliest public kiss.

Exhibit C Another real kiss to me (in public) - 17th Dec / DAY 53. It's 10 days later, that just floors me.

It looks like they were sleeping together already (?):

Something about sleeping with Sarah here (Day 52/53) at 3:14 Translation please?

EXHIBIT D,E,F,L^#*RYWH..Z (I'm sorry if this is repeat for some of you (-.-)) And just a couple days before, everyone was playing those kissing games.. which lasted like 3 days or so... (which btw, are hilarious: The dates on these vids aren't nec. correct.

1. small laughs at 2:30

2. Signature fake kiss They keep the camera on carmela but not veronica! Veronica happy to kiss maicola and thinks he kisses excellently.

3. V looks like she liked the nose one.

4. who is vero jealous of though? (this might be recap for some - sorry if i'm repeating) it is generally thought coz she had at the time a thing with massimo it was him. i think one can assume it was. But in confessionale she did say she wasn't jealous *ahem* she was just annoyed the way he was putting his hands on her face. 6:43 they talk briefly at the end. sarah burps.

5. Yup that's a really nice hug at 1:12 So this is Sarah's 3rd day in the house. Maybe to make amends for the kisses before

6. First hanging out together, Sarah 3 days in the house Dominique is the old Alessia. She might as well not be there.

7. A little treat at 4:20 (with Dominique)

8. Sarah very good at this

9. Seems like Diletta said something not nice in her videomessage (and probably the truth about Max) from 5:00 on she sits next to sarah - Part 1 continues her Part 2, Sarah a little bit & Tuillo try to reason. This is one week later.

10. V is initally Jealous of Massimo's attention on new arrivals, Sarah's 2nd day -

Some hubbub in the bedroom (Dec/EarlyJan vid)- Shower and kiss

Sarah and Veronica taking a shower. Veronica kisses Sarah before leaving the shower.

Interview of Sarah. Before the show, I guess it is from the official website

A video mashup of the drama caused within the last week of Sarah being there between Massimo, Gianluca, Vero and Sarah. i believe this happened on Day 90 just cause it says it in the video.

YT video is dated 21/1/10 - Sarah is having a shower and Vero comes in and washes her back for her. They are then talking while Sarah finishes her shower.

Veronica before Sarah arrived?

Veronica: I said yes to Sarah about Milan. Veronica confesses to the other contestants that she accepted Sarah's proposal to move to Milan together.

Possibly from Day 88

Sarah explains to Vero that she's been to the confessionale for a long time and that Gf told her that whoever stays at the house, have to continue the battle to block Mauro. They also told her that both of them are protected by GF and that they have to fight Mauro by striking at his weak points. Veronica was about to cry and Sarah encourages her and tells her that they have to be strong.summary translation by minipixel

Longer video

Translation by Lola

3:31 qua dentro si mettono daccordo per le nomination, perchè voi non lo fate siete sceme! non siete sole mettetevi daccordo con Carmen, Cristina, Alessia. Da lunedì una di noi rimane e deve continuare la battaglia questa settimana dobbiamo minare il terreno e spianarlo per lasciar la via libera a chi rimane. Ha detto GIOCATE SPORCO PIù CHE POTETE perchè col cuore a casa, state pettinando le bambole........

Gf told them "in the house everyone arrange the nominations, you two don't it, you're stupid! you're not alone, arrange with camen, cristina, alessia." on monday the one of us who stays in has to continue this fight, this week we have to prepare the field for the one who stays in on monday. he said "Play Dirty the more you can" because with your heart at home you're combing (?) doll's hair.amò per dirmi ste cose quello che vogliono è che lo odiamo (riferendosi a MAURO) perchè vale la pena capito?! 6.24 amò per dirmi ste cose quello che vogliono è che lo odiamo (riferendosi a MAURO) perchè vale la pena capito?! honey if they told me these things it means they want us to hate him because they think it's worth it. at a point sarah tells vero: it wasn't supposed to go that way and vero almost cries. here's why sarah started playing dirty her last week.

Possibly faulty translation, probably belonging to Day 62:

Translation: Youtube user columbinaVE

They are talking about their first lesbian experience. Veronica, the brunette, is pretending that SHE is a HE because she is speaking of her best friend. She is very clumsy, so she often forgets about it and says SHE instead of HE. Very funny indeed! She was 16 and her best girlfriend asked her for a kiss for her birthday, challenging her. She granted this kiss, and was suddenly overwhelmed by it. This happened many times, although Veronica had a boyfriend, every time the two met, they just could not prevent themselves from doing it. They kept on going like this for a while, then Veronica started to feel strange, because she did not want to be "like this", and blamed her friend for what she made her do! For a month or so, she did not even answer her phonecalls, now they are still friends. In the house Veronica has tried a relationship with Massimo (father figure), Marco (brother figure), Mauro (play boy), Daniele (quiet man) and now Sarah, at last....they are now shaking hands promising each other to stay together once they go out, but soon start worrying about people, family and friends. Sarah asks if she has felt for other women, and Veronica still remembers a beautiful shopgirl with whom nothing happened because of "practical problems" like no place to stay and nowhere to go. Then Sarah whispers in her ear that she creamed her knickers three times, thinking about the kiss she gave her on new year's eve...and Veronica scolds her for not telling at once. But Sarah says she was too shy to confess it! Now Sarah starts telling about her past: First time for her was in a bar, with her boyfriend. They were drunk and he wanted to rouse her jealousy by hooking a beautiful waitress. But she told him she would rather have Sarah instead. He challenged her, but before she could kiss her, he slapped Sarah's face, and went away. Sarah, still stunned and curious, went back there alone and ...and kissed the waitress in the bathroom. They lasted 3 or 4 months and then parted. The girl was too jealous and oppressing. Sarah told about it even to her mother, because she was scared, and her mother said it was fine! Veronica asks about Naples and the possible gossip. Sarah says that her family is well known and rich and Naples is a large city. They would not mind the matter. Veronica instead comes from the suburbs of Roma and it would be worse for her...Last ( but not least) thing Sarah says is that she fell in love with her boyfriend's best friend, but he never guessed it.

0:23 V: "You are my dream"

0:26 V : "You are my sweet dream"0:32 V: "...sweet erotic" (Sarah then slaps her in the leg as if to scold her :) ... then nom nom nom cuteness

Playtime between Carmen, Veronica, Sarah, and Cristina Italian Video

Translation by: SaturnaliaGirl

(Vero and Sarah in bed looking as Carmen walking past)

V: Look at this one, with her butt all out!!.....Ohhh....and your underwear?!

S: Is she without underwear? (whispers to Vero) she's without...

V: (to Carmen) Are you not wearing underwear? Carmen...

S: She's capable of it..

V: Carmen, are you not wearing underwear?

C: I'm putting them on (i think,...i never understand carmen)

S: (turn to Vero) what a beautiful a$$ Carmen has, no?

V: Uh huh

C: have a beautiful a$$

S: yeah, enormous!! the size of (don't understand what)

V: I have a nice butt.

S: well, that is a given!

C: let me see it!

V shows her bum to them and Sarah caresses it.

S: yeah, like that...

V: you like it, huh?! you liiiike it!! (singing)

Chirstina arrives and climbs on top of the three.

Chris: Vero, resist!

All: (laughing and complaining)

S: you're piercing her...(Vero's boobs apparently which are implants i suppose)

Chris: let me feel them, let me feel them.

Chris and then Carmen and Sarah feel up her boobs at the same time..

V: (bursts out in laughter) you're....(laughs) I like it (continues laughing)

Chris: you like it?

V: yeah, sorry but (don't understand that bit) and it's been two months and a half!

S: Madonna...

V kisses S on the belly

Chris: her a kiss on the belly button?

S: (sings and dances seductively to Vero) tun tun tun...

Vero dances with her while carmen with her hand moves S's boobs and sings again 'tun tunn tun'...

Chris: u liiike!

Sarah paints Vero's toe nails Italian

'Totally making out in bed Italian

Veronica waking up Italian <<this really just proves they were still in different beds don't know the dates though

Alliances and Dream Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Spanish VideosEdit

Behind the sofas discussing their feelings -

Day after New Year conversation. Laughing in the garden about consequences -

Veronica & Cristina talking on the stairs -

Sarah describes Veronica

A lot of Spanish subbed vids here -

Video Groups Edit

Have a bunch or group of vids, that you know go together, but don't know which day? Post them here and we can do some detective work. :)

Sarah and Veronica talking in bed

Mari uploaded a whole new bunch of videos of Sarah and Veronica talking one night in bed. The videos are titled "Veronica and Sarah Alliance and dream". You can find the first part below(7 parts in total):

La Cura

All places where la cura appears. Needs to be ordered into days, and those days linked to each other. Possibly place this in glossary? or a new page?

~ La Cura for the first time - Day 62 (Dec 26th) video

~ In bed the on 20/01/2010. - Day 87 (Jan 20th) Part 1 Part 2

~ In the garden after their argument - Day 91 (Jan 24th) video

~ GF plays La Cura while Veronica is having breakfast - Week 14 (no video)

~ Veronica talking about her history with the song and what it means now, with Alessia - Day 95 (Jan 28th) video (will add)

~ Veronica dedicates La Cura to Sarah - Day 112 (Feb 14th) video

Last Days

These are from 24/01. They were arguing about how Sarah changed in their lasts days together

These are from the day Sarah left.

Hope those were the ones you were looking for :)