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Day 43 (Dec 7th)Edit

Introduction of Sarah Italian(video removed)

Sarah joins the house Italian(video removed)

Sarah enters the house. First meet with Veronica :) Italian(video removed)

Puntata 7 After Sarah joining the house

Part 18 Italian 'Part 19 'Italian(videos removed)

Day 44 (Dec 8th)Edit

Decorating the Christmas tree Italian(video removed)

Not much Sarah and Veronica interaction but it's still in the early days.

Massimo and Mauro fight about Veronica Italian Video '(video removed)

Sarah and Veronica interaction at a minimal. Just a few words to each other, however, they are sitting near their "designated" seating area.

'Mauro tries to explain the triangle to Sarah Italian Video(video removed)

Day 45 (Dec 9th)Edit

Daily GF show: [part 1] [part 2](videos removed)

Day 46 (Dec 10th)Edit

"'Tutti Piscina" Italian(video removed)

Everyone in the pool

'Lezioni di bacio - ''Kissing''''' Lesson Part 2 Italian Video Part 3 Italian Video Edited Version (around 6:15)(videos removed)

Veronica looks jealous but I don't think it is because of Sarah. They just know each other for few days.

Day 47 (Dec 11th)Edit

'"New Couples" Part 1 Part 2 Part 3(videos removed)

Another ploy of Grande Fratello to create new coupls and jealousy amongst those already formed. Interesting they had Sarah test out a lot of people.

Day 48 (Dec 12th)Edit

'Confidences between Sarah and Veronica. Italian(video removed)

Veronica and Sarah talk about Mauro

'Again with the Kissing Games Italian(video removed)

Another kissing game to ignite some drama

'Video Message Italian Part 1 Italian Part 2(videos removed)

Veronica recieves a suggestion from her friend. [it should also be noted that much camera time on Veronica and Sarah during the early days so I'm reaching a bit and looking for any interaction between the two]

'Veronica Sexy Dance Italian(video removed)

Day 49 (Dec 13th)Edit