Cristina and Sabrina were nominated by the house for eviction this week.

Sabrina was evicted with 55% of the public vote.

Davide, Giorgio and Tullio were automatically nominated for eviction by the producers. The producers then chose Diletta to be allowed to save one of the nominees and she chose to save Tullio.

Davide was then evicted with 8 votes out of 13 by his housemates.

The public was asked to vote for the housemates they wanted to save from the third round of nominations.

Day 22 (Nov 16th)Edit

Day 23 (Nov 17th)Edit

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Day 24 (Nov 18th)Edit

Day 25 (Nov 19th)Edit

Day 26 (Nov 20th)Edit

Day 27 (Nov 21st)Edit

Day 28 (Nov 22nd)Edit

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