The public was asked to vote for the housemates they wanted to save from the first round of nominations. Carmela, Daniela, Diletta, Mara, and Tullio received the least amount of votes and were the only housemates eligible to be nominated for eviction this week. Maicol received the most save votes in the public vote, he was given the power to save one person from eviction instead of nominating. He chose to save Mara.

Veronica, Gabriele and Mauro are introduced to the housemates and enter. As new housemates, they were automatically immune from next week's eviction.

The house votes for Carmela, Daniela and Diletta up for eviction.

Day 8 (Nov 2nd)Edit

Offical GF summary of Day 8

  • Video (Italian)
  • Video (English) NONE.
  • Moments to watch for:
  • Summary or Translation (optional/where available respectively): Veronica enters the GF casa. OR A good summary by a poster.

Day 9 (Nov 3rd)Edit

Official GF summary of Day 9 - [(Italian)], Video (English) NONE.

  • Moments: Crazy, obsessive things we notice.
  • Translation: Baddabi boodappi, beepity boppoty.

Day 10 (Nov 4th)Edit

Day 11 (Nov 5th)Edit

Day 12 (Nov 6th)Edit

Day 13 (Nov 7th)Edit

Day 14 (Nov 8th)Edit