On launch night there was an uneven number of housemates to enter the house. As a result, Big Brother nominated Alessia and Cristina for an immediate eviction. It was up to the male housemates to vote for which they wanted to stay. 0 voted for Alessia and she was evicted that Monday, Day 1.

On the same night (Day 1), the public was asked to vote for the housemates they wanted to save from the first round of nominations. Carmela, Daniela, Diletta, Mara, and Tullio received the least amount of votes and were the only housemates eligible to be nominated for eviction the following week.

Day 1 (Oct 26th)Edit

Entrance in to the GF house -

Day 2 (Oct 27th)Edit

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Day 3 (Oct 28th)Edit

Day 4 (Oct 29th)Edit

Day 5 (Oct 30th)Edit

Day 6 (Oct 31st) HalloweenEdit

Day 7 (Nov 1st)Edit