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Introduction to The Show & TimelineEdit

Evey week below starts on a Monday. Evictions occur only a Monday night, during the 3-hour Mediaset Grande Fratello broadcast on Italy's Canale 5 channel, starting at 9:00 p.m. and hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi.

Nominations for eviction occur on the same Monday night, and give contestants that have been nominated one remaining week in the house, knowing they may be leaving the next Monday and giving the vewing public a chance to vote.

New contestants also enter during the same Monday night show.

Grande Fratello also have daily summaries and a brief presentation of what has happened in the house that day and confessions, but there is no show or interaction with the housemates.

More infromation on the show can be found here - Grande Fratello 10 Wikipedia.

To help with a broader picture, evictions are listed below, those evicted at the beginning of the week, and also nominated on the same day that week. A more detailed description of their eviction from or entry to the Grande Fratello house, as well as a summary of Sa/Ve events are (*ahem* will be) included in the introduction to each week. (Or guys, do you think the eviction should only be listed in the pages? and only relevant characters ... like Alessia, Massimo, Daniele, spanish, should be written up here? Or I could write this up on a different page.. but where? I don't think this should look too crowded.. Keep in simple. I wish there was a better way to fomat it. Maybe bullet points? Where is subscript here? Aftermilk 17:10, February 4, 2010 (UTC) )

The TimelineEdit

Pre Veronica

Week 1 (Day 1 - 7) (Oct 26th - Nov 1st, 2009) - Alessia evicted.

Veronica Arrives

Week 2 (Day 8 - 14) (Nov 2nd - 8th) - Veronica, Gabriele & Mauro enter.

Week 3 (Day 15 - 21) (Nov 9th - 15th) - Daniela evicted.

Week 4 (Day 22 - 28) (Nov 16th - 22nd) - Sabrina & Davide evicted.

Week 5 (Day 29 - 35) (Nov 23rd - 29th) - Camilla evicted, Daniele & Mattia enter.

Week 6 (Day 36 - 42) (Nov 30th - Dec 6th) - Gabriele evicted.

Sarah Arrives

Week 7 (Day 43 - 49) (Dec 7th - 13th) - Diletta evicted, Sarah & Dominique enter.

Week 8 (Day 50 - 56) (Dec 14th -20th) - Mattia & Daniele evicted. Daniele reutrns.

Week 9 (Day 57 - 63) (Dec 21st - 27th) - Tuillo evicted. Sarah is up for eviction for the first time.

Week 10 (Day 64 - 70) (Dec 28th - Jan 3rd, 2010) - Dominique evicted. Nicola enters. Alessia returns.

Week 11 (Day 71 - 77) (Jan 4th - Jan 10th) - Marco evicted. Housemate exchange week. Sarah up for eviction for the second time.

Week 12 (Day 78 - 84) (Jan 11th - 17th) - George evicted.

Week 13 (Day 85 - 91) (Jan 18th - 24th) - Daniele evicted. Sarah & Veronica are nominated for eviction together.

Post Sarah

Week 14 (Day 92 - 98) (Jan 25th - 31st) - Sarah evicted. Massimo ejected.

Week 15 (Day 99 - 105) (Feb 1 - 7th) - Nicola evicted.

Week 16 (Day 106 - 112) (Feb 8th -14th) - Alessia evicted.

Week 17 (Day 113 - 119) (Feb 15th -21st) - Carmela evicted. Gianluca walks out. Veronica and Mauro up for eviction.

Week 18 (Day 120 - 126) (Feb 22nd - 28th) -Veronica is evicted. Carmen is evicted in a surprise nomination.

Week 19 (Day 127 - 133) (Mar 1st - 7th)

Week 20 (Day 134) (March 8th) - Final show (as far as we know).