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In English La Cura means The Healing. Both Italian and English translations of the lyrics are available below. That means we should all be able to sing along ;)

What is La Cura?Edit

This song is the theme of Il Sogno. The song is composed and sung by Franco Battiato, and written by philosopher and poet Manlio Sgalambro, on their second collaborative album L'imboscata (1996).

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La Cura was the song veros Ex boyfriend dedicated to her and she always suffered when she heard the song but in the last week it changed and for the first time she tought about Sarah when the song was played (from the first to the last note). GF played that song during the reconcile after the big fight and played it after Veros second surprise.

Sarah helped her to forget it and it became their song. Now when veronica is hearing this song she is always thinking about sarah crying. You have to see vids below to understand why.

They have other songs too, although La Cura is really "theirs". Check out the other themes songs section on this page for the best Sá Ve Playlist ever.

Where can I see Sa & Ve La Cura references?Edit


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Italian Lyrics by Battiato/Sgalambro.

Version A by Livia.

Version B by Parfitt, sung by West End Musical Theatre Performer Greg Castiglioni.

Italian Version A - Literal English Translation Version B - Natural English Translation*
Ti proteggerò dalle paure delle ipocondrie, I will protect you from fears and hypochondria I'll protect you from the fear of imaginaries
dai turbamenti che da oggi incontrerai per la tua via. from the troubles that you’ll meet on your way. And the problems which from today you'll find along the way.
Dalle ingiustizie e dagli inganni del tuo tempo, from the injustice and the deceptions of your Time From injustices and deceit which are the signs of our Times
dai fallimenti che per tua natura normalmente attirerai. from the failure that you will naturally attract. and failure which by nature seems to follow you around.
Ti solleverò dai dolori e dai tuoi sbalzi d'umore, I’ll free you from sorrows and mood swings, I will take away the anguish that a change of mood can bring,
dalle ossessioni delle tue manie. from your obsessions and your rages. and the depression from the obsession with every little thing.
Supererò le correnti gravitazionali, lo spazio e la luce I’ll fight the gravitational pulls, space and light I'll overcome the force of gravity,the laws of space and light,
per non farti invecchiare. so that you will never get old. so you'll never change. You'll never age.
E guarirai da tutte le malattie, And you will be healed from any disease. You'll survive, you will be well.
perché sei un essere speciale, Because you are a special creature Because you are so special,
ed io, avrò cura di te. and I’ll take care of you. And I, I'll take care of you.
Vagavo per i campi del Tennessee I was walking in the fields of Tennessee, I've been waiting patiently
(come vi ero arrivato, chissà). I don’t even know how I got there. for the day you came to me.
Non hai fiori bianchi per me? You have no white flowers for me? God has a plan for every man
Più veloci di aquile i miei sogni My dreams fly higher than eagles and this is his for me.
attraversano il mare. and they cross the sea. For me.
Ti porterò soprattutto il silenzio e la pazienza. I’ll offer you silence and patience, I will comfort you in silence and I'll be patient
Percorreremo assieme le vie che portano all'essenza. we’ll walk together the paths that lead to the essence. And together we will find the meaning of our lives.
I profumi d'amore inebrieranno i nostri corpi, The perfumes of love will inebriate our bodies Every sigh we breathe will have the perfume of our love
la bonaccia d'agosto non calmerà i nostri sensi. the warm wind of August won’t calm our senses. That the summer breeze will carry high into the air above.
Tesserò i tuoi capelli come trame di un canto. I will weave your hair like the wefts of a song, I will weave your golden hair into a web of song,
Conosco le leggi del mondo, e te ne farò dono. I know the laws of the World and I’ll offer them to you as a present. All the secrets of the world will be my gift to you.
Supererò le correnti gravitazionali, lo spazio e la luce I’ll fight the gravitational pulls, space and light I'll overcome the force of gravity, the laws of space and light,
per non farti invecchiare. so that you will never get old. so you don't change. You will find
TI salverò da ogni malinconia, And I’ll save you from melancholy. I'll keep you from your solitude
perché sei un essere speciale Because you’re a special creature Because to me, you are so special
ed io avrò cura di te... I’m the one who’ll take care of you And I, I'll take care of you.
io sì, che avrò cura di te. And I’ll take care you. Yes I will. I'll take care of you.

Other Theme SongsEdit

  • "You're The First, The Last, My Everything" by Barry White - during their NYE kiss (Day 67)
  • "It Comes & It Goes" by Dido - GF played this song while showing their NYE kiss to the audience and the couple. Video
  • "Moi Lolita" by Alizee - The first song in the montage when their relationship was presented to the house Video
  • "Parapapapapa" by Loona - One of Vero's favourite songs, at times sung by the girls & the house. Sung by the housemates supporting her as she exits the house. Video(video removed)
  • "Marzo" by Giorgia (March) - From some of the best fan vid's. Very fitting. See Fan Videos.
  • "She Wolf" by Shakira - Sarah in the shower Video Vero grinding on Sarah. Need I say more? Video
  • "Stupida" by Alessandra Amoroso Mattina ("Stupid") 20th Jan 2010 Video
  • "Salvami" by Gianna Nannini & Giorgia ("Save Me") - Sarah & other housemates always humms this song. Video(video removed)
  • "Tu Sei L'unica Donna Per Me" ("You Are The Only Woman For Me")"by Alan Sorrenti ("You Are The Only Woman For Me") - Veronica sings this again and again to Sarah '[' Video], Music Video
  • "Sweet Dreams" Beyoncé - They dance in the garden, with Gerardo. Sarah gets jealous, and gets a kiss, then they dance, close/grind. Video
  • "La Coppia Più bella del mondo" by Adriano Celentano & Claudia Mori ("The Most Beautiful Couple In The World") Video
  • "La Mia Risposta" by Laura Pausini ("My Answer") - Veronica dedicates this song to Sarah when they are on the terrace. Video Official music video.

The Sa Ve PlaylistEdit

  1. "La Cura" by Franco Battiato (iTunes, Amazon)
  2. "Salvami" by Gianna Nannini & Giorgia (iTunes Italy)
  3. "She Wolf" by Shakira (iTunes, Amazon)
  4. "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce (iTunes, Amazon)
  5. "Parapapapapa" by Loona ( iTunes, YouTube)
  6. "Tu Sei L'unica Donna Per Me" ("You Are The Only Woman For Me") by Alan Sorrenti (iTunes Italy)
  7. "La Coppia Più Bella Del Mondo" ("The Most Beautiful Couple In The World") by Adriano Celentano & Claudia Mori (iTunes Italy)
  8. "Marzo" by Giorgia (iTunes, Amazon)