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  • 'Parodia: Io Non Sono Lesbica / Parody: I Am Not A Lesbian" - Video (video removed'. It is up again on another channel)
  • "Sarah e Veronica (Vieni con me - Marzo)" - Video
3:42 - the little wink Sarah does to Vero <3 (ufos are real)
  • "Sarah & Veronica (River Flows In You)" - Video(video removed)
  • "Sarah Nile e Veronica Ciardi - Il Sogno" by navipforever - Video(video removed)
  • "Sarah & Veronica's Dream" by minipixel - Video
  • "Sarah & Veronica - Dancing in the Moonlight" - Video
From Tozita about the conversation at the start of the video: I'd like confirmation from our official Italian translators, but I think Sarah is telling Vero "Amore, I fight for the things that are right to me, for the things that I think are pure and that are worth to me. It's not that if Italy is against it or three retards are against it that I'm going to let myself get influenced. In my mind, in my heart, I feel you close to me and I feel close to you. I'll fight for us, and union makes strength, and all for one and one for all. It's the two us? So it's the two of us".
  • Viola di Mari: Angela e Sara, Sarah e Veronica" - Video
  • Il Sogno-Sleep Angels by AshleyV - [1]